Presentation Tips

The Importance of Presentation

The level of presentation of a home (and its surrounds) can make a difference of many thousands of dollars to the sale price. Alexander’s First National Real Estate will conduct a detailed assessment of the features and benefits that will help to sell your property. Not only that, we will provide you with a personalised check list of presentation tips and suggestions, to make your preparations focussed and effective. Our experience will help you to decide which jobs need to be done in preparation for sale. Sometimes, vendors can waste their own time and money doing extra jobs that they don't really need to do, while more important jobs are left undone. Make sure that you contact Alexander’s First National Real Estate well in advance of offering your property for sale, so that you give yourself the time to attend to any important jobs beforehand. To help you get started, here are a few ideas for you to consider!
LESS IS MORE Clear your rooms of clutter and excess furniture. This will help to maximise impressions of spaciousness.

LIGHT IS MIGHT Do all that you can to allow plenty of light into the rooms. Dark rooms give the impression of less space.

FIRST IMPRESSIONS COUNT The entry to the property, and the first rooms into the home, create the biggest impression on buyers. If you have to choose, choose to enhance these areas first.

SMELLS HAVE A LASTING IMPRESSION Often, we get used to the odours in our own homes but they can put some buyers off. Pets, cigarettes, dampness or mildew, and chimney/fire odours can all play a part. Eliminate the source of any possible unpleasant smells.

ROOMS WITH VIEWS If there are views, make sure they can be seen: don't obscure beautiful views with curtains or blinds.

GIVE EVERYTHING A LIFT Flowers, colourful cushions and rugs and prints, bowls of fruit, and magazine stacks will do wonders to brighten a home. It can be great fun and all of these can be taken when you move, so they are a great investment. Friends will love to lend these things too!

HIDE MESS IN A HURRY Invest in a big wicker basket or toy chest to hide toys, papers, clothes and other mess at the drop of a hat: one for each room if necessary! This will help to keep cupboards tidy too.